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»So long, and thanks for all the fish!«*

Dear clowns, friends, and supporters,

After 5 successful runs and almost 10 years of clownin we have decided with a heavy heart to no longer host the international women’s clown festival for the time being. As wonderful and inspirational as each individual festival run was, each time it became a bit more difficult to meet the standards of quality and professionalism. Over the years we also had to struggle with clowning’s eligibility for funding, and what already was a small budget did not grow.

We always organized and curated the festival with great personal commitment in our free time. We have now arrived at the point where holding the festival at the level of quality and professionalism that we expect of ourselves is no longer possible.

We are proud that through our festival we were able to help introduce female clowns to the general public in Vienna and beyond and thereby inspire a great deal of thinking and laughter.

Finally, we would like to thank: you, the artists, the team, the amazing audience, our sponsors, the media, and our wonderful partner, the KosmosTheater.

Pamela & Gaby

* Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy