clownin 2015

The complete program

Playbill 2015


Workshop 1 (Beginners)


Teacher: HILARY CHAPLAIN Clown, Actress, Director from New York City, USA

Saturday 11/28 & Sunday 22/29 | 10am-6pm Workshop-Location: Theater Heuschreck, 1070 Wien

Price: € 150,-- (without food) for both days (2x6 hours)
Number of participants: min. 10, max. 20 (open for women and men)
Registration via email:

IBAN: AT896000000510035607

The workshop is held in English and is for adults who are interested in Physical Comedy. Beginners are welcome.

This class will explore physical comedy from a clown point of view to expand your physical vocabulary and develop your comic sensibilities.

Workshop details

Workshop 2 (Advanced)


Teacher: HILARY CHAPLAIN Clown, Actress, Director from New York City, USA

Saturday 12/5: 12-4 pm, Sunday 12/6: 12-7 pm & Monday 12/7: 12-7 pm Workshop-Location: IsH – Internationale Schule für Humor, 1170 Wien

Price: € 200,-- (without food) for all three days (16 hours altogether)
Number of participants: min. 8, max. 16 (open for women and men)
Registration via email:

IBAN: AT896000000510035607

The workshop is held in English, previous knowledge necessary.

This class is for experienced performers of any genre, with a concentration in clown. We will cover many areas of physical comedy techniques and will apply them in creating short numbers looking at both the simplicity and the complexity of what it means to incorporate physical comedy into our work.

Workshop details


Humor in the Crisis
Clown organizations working in crisis and war regions
Talks and Panel discussion

Monday 11/30/15 (7 pm)
At KosmosTheater

Organizations like Clowns without Borders and Red Noses Clowndoctors often carry out missions in regions of war and crisis, as well as in refugee camps in their own countries. For a short time they bring laughter into the lives of people who are suffering due to traumatic experiences and coping with a daily life in which there is no place for humor.
The work of these organizations will be presented in brief talks, and the speakers will explore what kind of social and artistic benefits can emerge from this work.

Annette Grömminger (AUT): Founder of Clowns without Borders Austria
Karola Sakotnik (AUT): Emergency Smile (RED NOSES International)
Hilary Chaplain (USA): The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Hospital Program
Karin Bergstrand (SWE): Member of Clowns without Borders Sweden

Moderation: Marty Huber (AUT): Queer-feminist activist and performance theorist

Free admission!
In English!


Financial support:


Ticket reservation via, resp. by thelephone (+43 (0)1 523 12 26) and starting on September 7th on!

Price: € 19,- | reduced € 16,- / € 15,- € 14,-/ € 11,- | savings package € 84,-

Advanced sale: € 2,- cheaper per ticket (regular/reduced tickets), if collected until 1 day prior performance

Discourse and Closing Party are free of charge!

Press support

GAMUEKL | Gabriele Müller-Klomfar
T +43 (0)699 / 19131411

Festivalleitung: Gaby Pflügl (theater super.nova), Pamela Schartner (theater super.nova), Barbara Klein (KosmosTheater)


Organisation & Production: Gaby Pflügl, Pamela Schartner


Production assistant: Teresa Kögler


Press: Gaby Müller-Klomfar


Video: Anna Konrath, Sarah Glück


Photo: Carolina Frank


Technics: Helen Farnik, Susanne Tauber, Tom Barcal, Steffi Kohlross, Philipp Diesenreiter, Johannes Fally


Organisation KosmosTheater: Katharina Koch, Johanna-Helen Dohnal


Communication KosmosTheater: Julia Grani, Regina Laschan

  Vera Abud (Pelo Cano), BRA

  Heather Marie Annis (Morro & Jasp), CAN

  Neslihan Arol (Süper), TUR

  Karin Bergstrand (Dotterbolaget), SWE

  Isabel Blumenschein (Chabela Poderosa), AUT

  Amelia Cadwallader (Maple Staplegun), AUS

  Claudia Cantone, ITA

  Hilary Chaplain, USA

  Lily Curcio (Seres de Luz Teatro), ARG/BRA

  Anna Dekonskaia (Clown Trio Klavy), RUS

  Ekaterina Dorichenko (Clown Trio Klavy), RUS

  Susanne Draxler, AUT

  Hélène Gustin (Colette Gomette), FRA

  Helga Jud (Tris), AUT

  Teresa Kögler, AUT

  Olga Kozionova (Clown Trio Klavy), RUS

  Martha Laschkolnig (Martha Labil), AUT

  Christina Matuella (Tris), AUT

  Paola Musatti (Pelo Cano), BRA

  Camilla Perssonn (Dotterbolaget), SWE

  Rachel Ponsonby, BGR/BEL/

  Tanja Rainalter (Tris), AUT

  Elke Maria Riedmann (Brenda Feuerle), AUT

  Gina Segura (Gina Napina), ESP

  Tanja Simma (Anna de Lirium), AUT

  Silvi Spechtenhauser, AUT

  Vandereia Will (Seres de Luz Teatro), BRA

  Yanomi (Shoshinz), JAP


Fr., 11/27/2015 (7.30 pm)
Surprise performances
Sa., 11/28/2015 (7.30 pm)
Cia. Pelo Cano (BRA)
"Pelo Cano" (Through the Pipe) / Austrian Premiere
Sa., 11/28/2015 (9 pm)
Süper (TUR)
"İdeal Kadın" (Ideal Woman) / Austrian Premiere
Su., 11/29/2015 (7.30 pm)
Claudia Cantone (ITA)
"L'Alloggio Segreto" (The Secret Annexe) / Austrian Premiere
Tu., 12/1/2015 (7.30 pm)
Morro and Jasp (CAN)
"Of Mice and Morro and Jasp" / Austrian Premiere
Tu., 12/1/2015 (9 pm)
Clown Trio Klavy (RUS)
"Klavy in Love" / Austrian Premiere
We., 12/2/2015 (7.30 pm)
Colette Gomette (FRA)
"Colette Gomette Présidente" / Austrian Premiere
We., 12/2/2015 (9 pm)
tris (AUT)
"Traumfrauen" (Dream Women) / Vienna Premiere
Th., 12/3/2015 (7.30 pm)
Shoshinz (JAP)
"One day in the life of Miss Hiccup" / Austrian Premiere
Th., 12/3/2015 (9 pm)
The long night of short clowning
Fr., 12/4/2015 (7.30 pm)
Seres de Luz Teatro (ARG/BRA)
"Spaghetti" / Austrian Premiere
Fr., 12/4/2015 (9 pm)
Dotterbolaget (SWE)
"I'm protected by law" / Austrian Premiere
Sa., 12/5/2015 (7.30 pm)
Brenda Feuerle (AUT)
"Brenda Feuerle im Himmel (Brenda Feuerle in Heaven)" / World Premiere
Sa., 12/5/2015 (after the show)